Saturday August 6

My Business Journey:  What  does it take to create a sustainable business?  Meet local seasoned entreprenuers who have taken their cultural dreams and created a successful business..  


Enjoy a series of works for the emerging and new entreprenuer.  Learn all you need know about Planning your business, How to market your business, creating a sustainable business and creating generational wealth for your family-

CEO Bootcamp: Bring your Product to Market

Are considering a business where you have a product that needs distribution.   Whether it's in the beauty, fashion or food industry. What are the steps for getting your product from manufacturing to the consumers hand.

CEO Bootcamp: Social media and Marketing to build your business

Tips and steps to creating a presence with social media. Building an online community. Understanding SEO and how to raise your business ranking on google search.

CEO Bootcamp: Building the Empire

Understanding financial literacy; how to save money while building your family Empire.  Step by Step tips for growing and protecting your familys wealth 

CEO Bootcamp: Cooporative Economics: From Crowdfunding to Rent Parties

A panel discussion highlighting economic models for how to pool resources, share and generate business opportunities.  Breaking down the cultural barriers that stop people of color from investing in each other.  International Giving circles are  ways that the Ethopian communitiy ARE creating  successful wealth generating investment opportunities in their communities today.  How can you start an investment circle for your family or community?

Protecting emotional health of todays youth

Erica Byrd,  How can parents, guardians and teachers protect the youth of today

Naturally Isis

Learn to create the Erykah Badu Braids and goddess locs,  Anyone can do it

The Science of Hair

Understanding the culural and science of Black Hair,  Scienctist Mia and Curl hisotrian   Great class for everyone especially the professionals,

Dr Maliaika Ambolley Salaam

Journey through my own eyes  Book  reading and explaination of growing up in the south.  An intergenerational look at the 50's 

Men and Skincare - Dr Shimeca Videau

Skincare for men

Healing the mental body with Dr Gloria Morrow

A safe Interactive Healing space  with Dr Morrow 

What's new in the science of Black Hair

Dr Cheryl Morrow  Discussion on the next generation of haircare and the industry,

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MEET Naturally Isis Talks about Black hair

Isis will  teach the young people how to braid hair the healthy way.  She will show the young ones how to express love for their hair, no matter the circumstances.

Creating healthy hair that grows for your child

Learn the proper ways of haircare and nutrition to creat a healthy head of hair for your young ones.  This is for parents, guardians, for all types of hair

Styling for Children hair

Learn some easy tricks for children's hair styling.  Save time and grow hair at the same time

Meet and Greet the Los Angeles Naturals

Hosted by the LA Natural Meet up Groups featuring a Meet and Greet with Traycee Simmons. Drop of your slightly used and new hair products.

Love Beyond Capacity produces "The Revolution will be Digitized"   Ancestral Africans are known for a history of excellent  oral traditions, the use of call and response, the manipulation of environment to create silos of black thought and information flow- how is that reflected in today’s shifting society and across our generations?  Has the communicative power of the hashtag, become the  talking drum of today? Various tech influencers and guest. Moderated by Brighton Lynscot & Remington Bennett


Open to all men who attend Nappywood on Saturday August 6th at the Main stage.  All you have to do is wear your sexy beard to Nappywood.  Let the audience decide.  Winners take home natural skincare products by Beard Guyz.  Special $10 entrance at the door

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Caring for Organically Grown Hair

Tips and techniques for growing healthy hair for children, men and women.

Easy Styling Technques on curly-kinky Hair for parents

Kimberly Wright (Natural Intentions) No Chemicals, No Heat.  Learn step by step hair styling techniques for your childs hair texture.

TWA: Short & Sassy Hair Cut & Styling

TWA 'Tiny Weenie Afro' Sherlonda Hamilton (Pretty Lady Beauty Salon, Los Angeles)  will present styling options for trendy short fros for women on the go.

The connection between the hair and body

India (India's Health Colen) Understanding the powerful conncection between hair and nuttrition and the body

Healthy Nails, Eco friendly approach to nail care

Lela Christine  (Honey Glam Nails) Understanding eco friendly nail care.

Makeup Transformation: Take your daytime look to Glam

Take your look from Day to Evening.  Make up tips and demonstation 

Hair Grooming & Skincare for Men

Hair Grooming & Skincare for Men

DIY: Create your own hair growth formula

Saat-Rai Amnwt (You-Nique' Enter'nature ) How to create your own hair remedy in your kitchen using fresh herbs.

Self Maintenance for healthy locs

DIY  Men+ Women+ Children   Tips to maintaining your own healthy locs 

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