Sunday August 7

STAY INFORMED: Using Products without Chemicals

Learn how to read and understand the chemicals in your personal care products. How to shop for alternative products.  Using products in your kitchen cabinet. Presented by Teni  - Black Women for Wellness


Sherrell Jackson (RastAfri Braiding Specialist) Featuring the hottest crochet trends - Colors-Protective crochet technique - Hands on creativity-Fun Prizes and more!!   Class 12 PM -1:30PM

Followed by MEET AND GREET with Joy Green  RastAfri stunning model @ 1:30PM


Dr Shimeca Videau  How to transform and restore your hair and skin naturally using the earth's ingredients.  Learn to  repair create, reduce hair brakage, and thinining and how to repair skin.  How the detox to skin.

The Science of Hair Growth

Dr Mia Lowden, Washington DC, will explore what science tells us about how to keep hair healthy and strong.  Keeping your hair is key to growing it long. Which medications cause hair loss? How can drug-induced hair loss be reversed? Which recreational drugs show up in your hair months later? Water and Environmental factors affect your hair health. 

Natural Education for Professionals

A series of workshops for the licensed professionals, student, natural hair professionals from leading educators   Kimberly Wright, The language of Natural hair; Lenae Stephanie, Cutting for curly hair; Tammy Golden, Managing texture hair


A Conversation on Love Life & Relationship: Would You Marry You? A Conversation with Melanie & Oshea Luja.

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Pre Braids Locs Twist Competition- REVIEW THE HAIR

Review the hair for Pre Competition.  Look for Signs

6th Annual IBH 'State of the Natural Union' Live Stream Panel & Think Tank.  Industry leaders are choosen each year for a discussion that currently affects the business, economics or culture of the Ethnic Haircare Industry internationally.   This year's #RETOUCH theme addresses Laws and Legistlation that affect the beauty professional, the Beauty supply owner and protecting our health.  How can we address our issues and create change .... together

2016 Guest include:  Isis Brantely, Activist, Advocate for Natural hair movement, Dallas  Texas,

“Harnessing Our Power [Radical, Disruptive, Innovative]”

Moderated by Crystal Mitchell,  Director, Recycling Black Dollars

Panelist #1 – Sam Enos, Founder, Black Owned Beauty Supply Association 

Panelist #2 – Tamara Johnson-Shealy, Founder, The Concerned Beauty Professionals and Politics Beauty, National Advocate for Beauty professionals, Candidate for State Senate District 40, Atlanta, GA 

Panelist #3 – Isis Brantley - Natural Advocate, Activist, Owner of Ancestral Braiding School, and Celebrity Stylist 

Panelist #4 – Dr Kari Williams, President of California State Board of Barbering and Cosmetology, Founder /CEO of Mahogany Hair Revolution Salon and Trichology Clinic, Celebrity Stylist 

Panelist #5 – Nourbese Flint, Program Director, Black Women for Wellness

Panelist #6 - Tracy Sanders, Esq., Founder, Natural Hair and the Law 

Pre Panel Entertainment provided by Lady Zhe (  


9:30AM Stream Begins
11:15AM Q&A
11:30AM Round Table Strategy Session/Report Back
11:55AM Closing Remarks

Fashion show and Gift showcase presented on Main Stage.  Special Give Aways & Contest.  See the 2016 Nappywood Natural Models and vendors show their

TALK TEXTURE by Creme of Nature

Pat William (National Educator and stylist)          n

"I AM" Men's Forum - produced by Inspired Beauty

Get the men to understand that if they don't take care of themselves, everything else is hindered, including their relationships with women and their children.  Black men are the least likely of men to reach out to others for help, go to the doctors, etc. By taking this initiative towards personal care (hair, skin, spirit, mind, body) they can improve and execute change in the community.  Produced by Inspired Beauty

Fashion show and Gift showcase presented on Main Stage.  Special Give Aways & Contest.  See the 2016 Nappywood Natural Models and vendors show their

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Hair Loss Solution

Doris Mosley leading expert in balding, thining and alopecia.

Growing out your childs hair

Kimberly Wright stylist and owner of Natural Intention discusses tips for your young ones

Growing your hair and garden with Saat Raj

Saat Raj gives tips for growing herbs that are specially good for your hair

Lessons of the AFRO

Managing the Afro curl, keeping your hair moist, tangle free and wear color

Afro Puffs, Big Fros & styling fun with LRC

How to work big natural hair... Styling fun  with LRC


How to protect your business and personal interest. How to save

Mark "The Barber" Ford

Mark "The Barber" Ford will join us to demo his fine skills.

How to remove your locs - Sukari Christian

How to remove your locs with minimal damage and how to transition out of locs

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